Workplace Harassment: Consulting and Investigations

A workplace free of harassment is essential for any organization to operate effectively. Workplace harassment – whether related to sex, race, disability, age, ethnicity, or religion – can have a wide-ranging damaging impact, exposing organizations to liability, inhibiting workplace productivity, increasing turnover, and damaging reputations.

The team at Lemire LLC is uniquely positioned to

  • assist you in establishing policies, procedures, and training to promote a harassment-free culture at your organization; and
  • conduct effective internal investigations into workplace harassment allegations.


Services Include:

  • Thorough assessment of your organization’s anti-harassment policies, procedures, and training
  • Creation of suitable reporting channels, including an anonymous hotline operation
  • Customized employee training
  • Discreet and effective internal investigations, identifying witnesses and other evidence


Significant Matters Handled by Members of Our Team:

  • Multiple engagements on behalf of organizations to assess claims of workplace harassment
  • Numerous investigations into employees charged with sexual harassment, both in criminal and civil contexts
  • Multiple engagements to create and implement compliance programs for all types of organizations


Our team includes former prosecutors, law enforcement professionals, civil litigators, and policy-makers. We are experts at developing compliance programs and resilient, long-term cost-effective solutions. We are also experts at conducting discreet internal investigations to assess harassment allegations. We will help you develop and execute a proactive plan tailored to the complexities of your organization.