Workplace Harassment: Consulting and Investigations

A workplace free of harassment is essential for any organization to operate effectively. Workplace harassment – whether related to sex, race, disability, age, ethnicity, or religion – can have a wide-ranging damaging impact, exposing organizations to liability, inhibiting workplace productivity, increasing turnover, and damaging reputations.

The team at Lemire LLC is uniquely positioned to

  • assist you in establishing policies, procedures, and training to promote a harassment-free culture at your organization; and
  • conduct effective internal investigations into workplace harassment allegations.


Services Include:

  • Discreet and effective internal investigations, identifying witnesses and other evidence
  • Thorough assessment of your organization’s anti-harassment policies, procedures, and training
  • Creation of suitable reporting channels, including an anonymous hotline operation
  • Customized employee training


Significant Matters Handled by Members of Our Team:

  • Multiple engagements on behalf of organizations to assess claims of workplace harassment
  • Numerous investigations into employees charged with sexual harassment, both in criminal and civil contexts
  • Multiple engagements to create and implement compliance programs for all types of organizations
  • Retained by private corporations and organizations to provide workplace discrimination and harassment prevention training and assess workplace discrimination and harassment policies and procedures


Our team includes former prosecutors, law enforcement professionals, civil litigators, and policy-makers. We are experts at developing compliance programs and resilient, long-term cost-effective solutions. We are also experts at conducting discreet internal investigations to assess harassment allegations. We will help you develop and execute a proactive plan tailored to the complexities of your organization.