Construction Compliance & Monitoring

Lemire LLC understands the risks that encompass large-scale development and construction projects. In addition to traditional risks in the construction industry, such as capacity, scheduling, and escalation, now the construction industry must consider a compliance program for the success and profitability of its projects.

Increased enforcement has required many in the industry to become quasi-investigators, diverting time and resources from completing construction projects. Lemire LLC will handle MWDBE, health and safety, or wage and labor compliance, allowing your firm maximum time to complete construction.

Our expert team of investigators, forensic accountants, and attorneys work to develop a compliance strategy that includes policies and procedures designed to stay ahead of enforcement. As part of this strategy, our team will assist in monitoring for compliance with local, state, and federal regulations, and work to identify and eliminate fraud, waste, and misuse on construction projects of all sizes. Our demonstrated experience assures municipalities, developers, construction managers, general contractors, and subcontractors that Lemire LLC reduces reputational risk and protects businesses and their employees.


Services include:

  • Assessment of existing compliance and regulatory programming
  • Background investigations of firms, principals, and subcontractors
  • Forensic audits and accounting reviews
  • Review of contracts, procurement, and audit procedures
  • Observation of disciplinary proceedings and interviews
  • Analyses of audits
  • Review of internal processes for susceptibility to fraud, corruption, and cost abuse
  • Surveillance and site visits, and employee and witness interviews


Significant matters:

  • Monitorship of a federally-funded housing construction site, conducting audits to verify wage and supplemental benefits payments, as ordered by a New York City government agency
  • Audits of municipal reporting for compliance with federal (HUD) grant regulations in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy
  • Compliance reviews of construction vendors and their principals for the Battery Park City Authority 
  • Drafting of protocols to minimize risks of MWBE fraud among vendors engaged by a government agency



  • MWDBE regulations
  • Procurement procedures
  • Labor laws
  • Health and safety laws